Central Restaurant Supply

Anybody ever use them? How were they?

I never have, but I have used BigTray with pretty good success. I have bought about half my equipment so far at a pretty good savings and no shipping or tax!

I use them frequently for various smallwares and such. I have always been happy with the service and quality. I usually talk to Greg.

Slight topic detour, but I too have been getting a fair amount of smallwares through BigTray - only when it adds up to the free freight minimum. But would you believe that BigTray doesn’t seem to have…a Big Tray?
I do a slice pie at 20", and they stop at 19.

Separate topic on help with trays…

I have used them before. They discount off the list price, but you have to ask. Check out www.katom.com They have some very good pricing and great to deal with.

the restaurantsource is great - your local craig’s list is also a tremendous resource…

I have use Central for 15 years- they are a great company- call Russ Sheperd