Central Texas Used Equipment

Does anyone have a good contact for used equipment in the Central Texas area? (Or Houston, San Antonio or Dallas for that matter.) I am in need of a Conveyor Oven, Prep Table, SS tables, Small Reach in and a Hobart Mixer. I am looking for someone who understands the word budget.

Most of the guys around here seem to think they should charge top dollar for everything.

Charles up in Dallas might be able to help you. That is his name on this site, just search it and contact info will come up.

HI Texas Rookie:

I have contacts in most parts of the nation who recondition equipment. I will be happy to see what I can locate for you.

The term conveyor oven is ambiguous: Ovens are usually rated by production capacity. Do you want a double stack? How Many pizzas will you need to bake during your busiest period 6 to 9 PM in order to produce the profit you intend to make? The answer to that question will determine the size oven you will need. Let us know what you want.

A Hobart mixer is a very doable item and S/S tables are usually readily available.

As to refrigeration, used is not recommended. There is no way to determine the condition of a used refrigeration system. The compressors are sealed. Used refrigeration most always fails within a year and fails full of food costing the operator more than he saved buying used. Buy new refrigeration and save in the long run.

There are three categories of equipment to consider. Used, reconditioned and rebuilt. Used is something dragged out of a shop that figured it time to get new, or out of a failed operation that got the equipment used.

Reconditioned has usually been cleaned, tested and inspected, any defective or suspect components have been replaced.

Rebuilt units should have all major components replaced with the latest versions and up dates. A properly rebuilt unit is very near to new.

I would not recommend the purchase of simply used equipment.

Reconditioned is usually much less costly than rebuilt but more risky. Most often in the case of ovens that have not been upgraded to the latest high efficiency burners and controls the excessive operating costs will soon surpass any savings in price paid.

If you can possibly afford it, get a rebuilt oven. Note that the cost to rebuild certain ovens is such that there are some new models on the market for almost the same price and some have five year warranties.

George Mills

When are you looking and whats your budget, I may have some Cheap equipment that might need some repairs
Send me a PM if interested I’m in Northwest Houston. Also I’ve spoken to a couple of people who may have 60Qt hobarts for under 5K that are in good condition. Others i’ve talked to have old crappy looking hobarts for 8-10k


I am looking for a Middleby Marshall 360WB. We are going to be a high volume Delco. I was looking for something that had been reconditioned.

For the cost of those “reconditioned” 360 wide bodies you could probably purchase new Edge ovens. I’ve used many conveyor ovens and will say that my Edge ovens have been a great decision. They’re saving me money every month on my utility bill and still putting out a great pizza.

I run a MM360 double deck - would like to upgrade someday…Edge oven will set ya back 21K or so…a used 360 can be had for 3-8K…

My NG bill is less than $400 - another option might be better to look for a used XLT oven like Paul once had…newer tech etc…

For what its worth - I turned down the temp & conveyor speed of my 360 & lessened the sugar - get a great bake on a 15 yr. old oven…

The used 360 can be had cheap, a reconditioned one, not so cheap.

Avoid the WB at all costs. Horrible bake. Uneven air flow due to the width. One of our stores has a double stack of WB’s, it was not a good decision. Also, they are about the noisiest things around…

You can get just as much pizza through a regular 360. If you are looking at 16" pie, just stagger them.

Some additional comments:

If you buy a used or just reconditioned oven you will shortly have paid out enough in greater operating costs that you could have purchased a new oven. And then you will continue to pay higher utility costs as long as you use that oven.

Note the subject above in this forum regarding XLT ovens where operators state savings of up to 50%

If You purchase a properly rebuilt- re manufactured oven where the burners, gas valves, electronics and other components have been up graded to the very latest models you will get almost the efficiency of the new ovens. Few used oven sellers are improving ovens to that extent. Ovens properly rebuilt to that standard will sell for almost as much or more as the same size unit new in XLT But you will not get the five year warranty.

George Mills

Yo! Here I am?

Sold my conveyor oven, but still have a 2 year old True TPP-93 93" prep table ($2,400), a NEW Beverage-Air SPE60-18M sandwich prep table ($2,000), a NEW Beverage Air KF74-5AS three door cooler/freezer ($4,000), and a heavy duty 220V 3 phase 2 HP Hobart H 600T 60 qt mixer ($4,500). Also have a few SS tables for $100 a piece, two fryers, Anvil SLR-741 slicer, and Anets SDR-42 sheeter.

Not sure whether you consider those prices “top dollar” or not, but I think they are fair…