CFM shipping charges

I just got a shipment of boxtoppers from CFM Concepts and was charged $480 for shipping. I guess I approved this in a quote when the order process started, but didn’t pay much attention. This amounts to 37% of the cost of the boxtoppers and is $220 more expensive than I can ship the same packages to them in Toronto. I guess in the future, I’ll pay more attention to quotes and I will certainly spend my money with a printing company that makes their profit off their printing, not shipping.

wow, that is ridiculous. I would definately write an email, ya never know could have been an error on their part.

Hope they looked great!


Paul rates shipping from Canada to the US are much higher than the other way around…Also, There would have been some brokerage & documentation fees included in the charge…Based on an estimated weight of 263 lbs my Fedex charge would have been about $365.00 (plus brokerage)…In my mind, the most important number is the bottom line…If that ended up being too high compared to other vendors then you many need to shop elsewhere next time…

I was quoted $455.00 from CFM for shipping to ga for 25,000 11x17 menus best choice printing was $90.00 for shipping but the menus cost me only $6.00 more for the 25,000 menus from best choice and not $6.00 per 1,000 $6.00 more for the whole job

I would look through you yellow pages and find a local large scale printer. They have a in house graphic artist that works on design with me then they print and my doorhanger guy just picks them up so no shipping charges. I pay $750 for 20,000 full color door hangers

gapizzaman, please let us know if the freight charges actually show up as $90.00 when your order arrives…25,000 menus will weigh 700 plus pounds and $90.00 is very cheap…Looks wrong to me…

Shipping was 1st $171.00 I asked if they can do better on the price of the menus they told me they can take $81.00 off the shipping price I bought menus from CFM and Best Choice for 2 stores in the past and the shipping use to be around $153.00 from Best choice both printers do good work I am not here to say bad things about CFM shipping is just to high for me now :smiley:

There are many different shipping options. To ship one skid directly to one location in the shortest amount of time is the most costly method of shipping. However there is a method that takes approximately 2 days longer at an average cost of $125-$150 including the $30 brokerage fee to ship over the border. An error was made with this order. The customer was contacted and the situation has been rectified to his satisfaction. We appreciate you being this error to our attention. Sincerely CFM Concepts