CFM websites

Did anyone here use CFM to build their website? I’m looking for a few examples of their work.
These are a few I found by Googling “site design and images pizza cfm concepts”

Those are some nice looking websites, I wonder how much they charge to design them.

I was wondering the same thing how much you think they cost?
really liked the first 2

I’m gonna call them Monday and I’ll let you know what they say. They already have my photos so maybe they’ll be an easy step into the 1990’s.

They did my website. It was I think $1300.00 for a five page site. They are easy to work with and everything went smooth.

That’s right about the cost they quoted me. Any flash ect would be extra, but I hate flash sites anyhow. I’m going to go ahead and have them build it. I’ve fought off the 1990’s as long as I could. I’ll post a link when it’s done.

Paul, They are doing mine as we speak. I agree with pizza of the month. They are doing a nice job , easy to work with, and I think the price is reasonable $1250. for a 5 page site. Very satisfied so far.

I signed the agreements today. I’ll post a link when it’s done. Any clue how long it takes from start to finish?

They did mine in less than a week. They also did my menu printing before the web site so they had all the menu information already. It will probably take longer if you have not dealt with them before.