Change Conveyor direction middleby marshall ps540g


Does anyone know how to change the direction of the conveyor belt. It is currently running right to left and need it to run left to right. It is a ps540g. Have always used Lincoln ovens and they have a switch on the back of the oven. I cant see anything obvious on this oven.

Thanks in advance


You can change the belt direction by simply reversing the wires on the drive motor. You must also change the belt so that it is pulling and not pushing itself.

George Mills

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I bought one second hand that was running left to right. It worked for my layout so I fired it up. I didn’t realize until 6 months later that the belt wasn’t switched. Guy I got it from said it had always been like that (10+ years). Just thought it was funny. That being said you should switch it.

Which wires need reversing
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