changing names

was thinking of changing name,

got behind on payroll and sales tax nad feel this might be away to start fresh and still be able to pay them of w/o threat of coming and closing me down
anyone ever gone thru this b4

thanks Bob

I dont think changing your name will do anything for you. The government and lawyers track you by your social security number anyway.

lol, wow. Are you serious?

Shoot, wish it was that easy

ya good luck with that one big guy
thats funny

It will be easier, cheaper and much less hassle to contact the proper agencies and set up payment arrangements.
You do not want to try to “fool” the govt agencies of whom you owe. They have far more reaching arms than you can possibly imagine.


You will sleep better at night if you figure out how to deal with this debt.

Check out

First lesson taught in business 101: Don’t mess with the tax man.

I’m with bubba, contact your taxing authority and make an honest effort to get caught up as quickly as you can, and keep up to date with your payments. You could also explore the option of taking out a loan to get your taxes caught up.

Hey, thats my neighbor. EXCELLENT advice Kris…as usual.

Just the thought thas is idea crossed his mind is scarey. no wonder our entire country is looking for a handout…

I don’t get the impression he was looking for any kind of a hand out. He said: “start fresh and still be able to pay them off”

I think this happens a lot, at least he is talking about paying them off while still running the business. I think the concept of changing his name just to avoid tax problems is throwing things off. What he is probably looking at is a new LLC, S Corp or C corp change of assets situation. Depending on his situation, he could might be able to do it without settling his debts to the tax man…but at least he is trying to resolve it. I can guarantee you there are hundreds of millions of $ in unpaid “tax debt” being left on the table with all these huge mergers and whatnot going on right now.

I’ve seen a local bar do this for several years (until mine took them to the cleaners). They would get behind on sales tax and payroll tax by $25,000-$100,000 and then “close down” and open as a new LLC a few weeks later. BS if you ask me, I think there should be limitations on who is involved in a LLC that closes and then shows up as principle parties on a new LLC operating in the same location.