Changing pizza sizes

I’m a pizzeria owner (small but busy pizza bar located outside US) and we currently serve 9” and 12” pizzas. Our sales are 50/50 split between 2

We’re about to expand to a much bigger seat location and considering streamline to one size pizza size (say 11” which is size of one of popular leading brands here, guessing through market research into local preferences). Expats and tourists like the bigger pizza but our local customers like the smaller. Any experience from others in doing so and if it affected bottom line/sales much? Any experience/advice appreciated. Local customers are the biggest customer base and usually buy a 9” or share a 12” in restaurant.

For what reason would you be making the switch?

not sure if it helps but we went from 3 sizes (10’, 14’, & 18’) to 2 sizes (12’ & 16’) mainly to simplify things but also to help control food cost. We sell by the slice and just use the 16" dough ball and stretch it thinner for an 18" slice pie. I would do 12" but also slices.

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Mainly prep efficiency and pizza staff training (we do hand tossed crusts so takes a while to train, one size would make it easier). Not sold on idea but just considering!

We’ve considered changing up the sizes we inherited ourselves. Anyone that has experience with this, pro or con, would be welcome to chime in. This has never seemed like a small change to us either, but the simpler structure is appealing, particularly if it doesn’t adversely impact sales.

Depends on your area and competition. I know everyone will chime in and say that it doesn’t matter what the guy down the street is doing, but if your pizzas are smaller, it’s my feeling that you’re at a disadvantage, you’ll always be know as the place with the really small “Large” Pizza. If you’re going to change sizes, I would simply call them by cuts rather than sizes until you’ve grandfathered it in, then add the name of the size

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Thanks Steve appreciate the advice

We sell 5 sizes. I can’t imagine the simplicity of selling only 1!
Have thought numerous times about dropping a size (8" 10" 12" 14" Full Sheet) but there are other complications that come into that as well (10" cauliflower, 12" thin crust, use 8" dough for multiple things, use 10" dough for multiple things, etc.)

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If you have 2 sizes of dough and things are going well why mix it up. We sell 5 sizes and have thought hard about dropping 2 of them but that is who we are. We sell from 7”-24” and they all sell. It doesn’t get much easier than 2 and if I were you I wouldn’t upset my locals.