Changing Slice Heating

We have good old work horse Deck ovens only 2 ! As a newer restaurant still building sales we have become very busy but not yet busy enough to turn a profit… Our biggest challenges with the increased business are
keeping up with late night slices,
servicing those customers quickly while not slowing down cook time for our deliveries.

Being on the edge of a university we are 90 % delivery but after midnight we are crazy busy inside too. We try to keep the slices flowing but we also explode with delivery and the limited oven space is a challenge. We prep and under cook our slices a bit and reheat them in the oven to order. This is not a viable option anymore…
I finally found a moisture hot hold cabinet that I can afford and plan on keeping our 30 slice pizzas we run through between 1 am and 3 am ready to go to ease the service times… However I know keeping the moisture gauge and the temp right is very important and I am wondering what settings have worked for other people 28 % at 150 ?? etc… we do not do a thin crispy crust just a regular non fancy dough any feedback would be greatly appreciated just so I have a starting point to experiment from
Thanks Rebecca

we use an electric bakers pride countertop oven to warm up slices for 2min and it works great. It has 2 stone decks and is 18" wide and could also accommodate pies that need to be well done. Deck ovens lose heat every time you open them so this helps alot and allows our counter staff to handle instead of our pizza guys

We do the same

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We hold in a cabinet at 150 but the crust gets soft and tough so we flash the slice in a small oven before serving(unless the pie recently went in.) The sheen of the cheese will let you know how long it’s been in there. Experiment with your own pizza to see what difference flashing makes. The advantage to using a warmer is you don’t need to heat it as long. Hatco makes one of the better cabinets out there. If your pizzas are larger then 18" then the larger Star merchandiser may be a good choice.