Changing Soda Companies…

Year-to-date I have purchased just over $18,000 worth of product, the vast majority of which was BIBs. I did have to sign a 5 year contract to get that deal, which wasn’t an issue for me. I also receive a rebate of $1.00 per BIB.

what is your BIB volume?

Also, I do not have a Sales Rep from Pepsi… thats right, no sales rep… we call our order in ever 2 weeks… we go through about 4 BIB a week.

About 8 per week.

1 location $40-$50,000 bib & bottles

I agree that RC cola would make you look cheap.One of my friends owns a bar and i couldn’t even drink a “diet cola” it was terrible im pretty sure it was seabreaze…mix it with some rum and no one notices…As for the restaurant next door to me, they use RC and its a little better…can fool people but then again they arent showing it in glass coolers. I personally would think a pizza place with rc would be ghetto…Just keep messing with coke/pepsi and try to get freebies. If not buy ur own coolers and use a beverage distributer.

PS…I was speaking to another owner/operator who told me today that if u want to keep your quality dont be affraid to raise ur price. maybe that will help good luck

RC Cola? Penny-wise, pound-foolish. Whenever you make a cost-controlling decision, make sure the the savings is not offset by the loss of customer’s perceived quality. You also get a double-whammy if they perceive you cut quality and did not cut price.

i’m waiting for a rep from Coke to give me a call… i’ll see if they can do any “deals” with the prices.

Apparently, RC fountains and 2L./Cans are not uncommon around this area. They have 3 other pizza places, 3 fast food style restaurants, and 2 regular sit down restaurants.

Otherwise you’ve for Mcdonalds with Coke, and just a couple other pizza shops with Pepsi.