Changing the name of a relatively successful pizzeria?

I wrote out a long post and realized I was rambling. Here’s a basic summary.

-Currently operating a relatively successful pizzeria with a few flaws.
-We’d like the change the name of our pizzeria as we’ll be giving it a huge makeover over the next few months.
-The name sucks and is commonly misspelled and pronounced . This creates issues with searches online, phonebook, etc.
-Our name is D. Americo’s but people call it D Americanos, Dom-ricos, D Amigos, D America, etc.
-We don’t utilize our 1900+ sq ft properly. We do a good pickup/delivery but little dine in even with all the space we have.
-We’ll be making major changes soon including adding tvs, beer, wine, a bar, paint job
-We’d go with an advertising campaign of something along the lines of “new name, new look, same great food”
-The pizzeria does have a good reputation which is the only reason I haven’t changed things already. Do we need to worry about losing customers? I’m a working owner and here 7 days a week so people know me.


How about “New Name, New Look and even Better Great Food!”

I think you have legitimate reasons for a change in the name. I would think you’d gain, not lose customers.

In fact, what you have is a great opportunity. You have a reason to advertise, instead of the usual, “Buy more of the same at a lower price because I’m desperate, plus I’m out of ideas and have no creativity” type of advertising. :mrgreen:

Good luck. I trust you’ll be fine with the new name.

And of course, one other drawback is money.

I was on the final step of getting 25000 new menus, but I’ve put it off now with all the rennovations, future addition of beer & wine, and most importantly, a possible name change.

Gonna have to get new shirts, a new signage, new web page, etc.

I’m still liking the idea though.

Ah yes, the old money thing.

You going to call it something that has a connection to the old name? I think something like [size=5]D’s[/size] has a good ring - simple and keeps some continuity.

“Hey, let’s go to D’s tonight,” or “Let’s get a D’s pizza . . .”

Good luck, whichever way you go.

I would just make sure you reference the old and new as being the same owner and pizza. Let the current customers know about the change in a mailing with special offers for them only for your grandopening under the new name. Also make sure that you link the old name with the new for internet searches…and even keep your phone listing with the same number so that when people are looking for you they are still directed in your direction. Keep that up for say…3-6 months and then quietly let the old die off. I think you should gain customers as some will think you are new and give you a try…and others that did not like the old for whatever reason will also come back for a new try. I think you could turn this into a good expansion of business at a moderate expense that should pay itself back. Good luck.

Thanks. We’re still contemplating whether or not to proceed with the change.

There’s clearly a lot that factors into it. We’re excited though at the prospect.