channel lettering

anyone know what channel lettering, like this would costs?

Is this like The Price is Right ?

I’ll say $1, I think everyone else overbid. :lol:

My guess is $2,187

actually, that is called raceway letters…channel letters are individual letters, not on a rail, or “raceway”…channel letters are the most expensive…

Depending on where you are, what you can negotiate, if there is an existing raceway…I have seen that set-up between $1700 & $2300 in different markets.

Actually, those are called channel letters that are mounted on a raceway.
I assembled my own using parts I bought on the internet. The one thing I could not find, and had to have built was the actual raceway. A local sign company was able to build the raceway for me.

The letters came from: … tters.html

The LED’s to light it up came from: … 1&cat=LEDs

All in all, not counting my time, an 8 letter sign for $1,000 +/-. :smiley:

Red Barn,

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