Char Broiler: Lava vs Radiant


I was wondering if you were going to do allot of grilling… chicken breasts, some steak… daily, basically as a major piece of equipment in your business.

What Char Broiler is better a Gas Lava or Gas Radiant? Whats the pros & cons of each. What would you chose?


Whats your opinion of Star, Toastmaster for a Gas Char Broilers? Which one do you like better? Or is there really no difference.

Thank You

My preference is a natural gas broiler w/lava rock…you can keep the flame a bit lower and the heat is maybe a bit more even because of the rock…Iava rock, tho a bit messy to clean, but believe the smoke residue, from the rocks, permeates the food better…

Very cool… Yeah something I saw online and never realized there was a difference/choice. Kinda new to this all… thanks for the info!!

hey how do you clean the lava rocks? What is the clean up?

When they degrade badly enough, you throw them out and replace them with new.

If you really want to take the time and effort to clean them put them in a pot of boiling water.

Very cool thank you!

So these lava rocks last a pretty long time before changing? Atleast around a year? or no. It’s not something I have to change, every couple months - do I?