Cheap delivery vehicles

GM is canceling Pontiac and Saturn. They are selling the cars to dealers for $7,000 off. Technically, buyers will be buying a “used” car. But it will be new. Anyway, I suspect you could get one of the cheapie models even cheaper. Just an idea for those of you who need an inexpensive delivery vehicle.

Thanks for the heads up. I’m going to see what’s available since I recently barred most deliveries in our marketing mobile.

When I took our smartcar in to have the front breaks and tires replaced at 12,000 miles, I asked the repair guy (a foreign car specialist) what he thought would make a dependable delivery vehicle. Without hesitation, he said “Scions.” I must given him a doubtful look, so he added “the taxi service in town uses them. They are bulletproof.” Anyone else ever heard this praise for that brand?

We have been running Subaru station wagons for about 8 years now. We buy them about 9-11 years old with 120-130K miles on them for 2-3K. We generally spend another 1-2K in repairs (not including oil changes, tires, brakes) over a 2-3 years time and sell them with 170K miles for $1000-$1500. We have 2 or 3 of them typically.

Very reliable and excellent for mountain town deliveries.

granted i am biased being a VW rabbit fan but this has always been my plan if i do delivery, buy vw diesel rabbits, golfs, really easy to convert to run waste veggie oil(used fryer oil). that way your gas cost is drasticly reduced, they are easy to maintain, fairly easy to find parts for esp. if your in the PNW.


We have about five of them I believe and never had an issue. I personally drive one of them around a lot, because its cheaper to drive than my truck, and I’m fairly hard on little cars. Never had an issue or repair needed – over 40k so far . . .