Cheap Doorhangers

Can anyone tell me where they have purchased doorhangers that are cheap and good quality? Referrals welcome!!!

Try this link:


I’m a big fan of the cost savings by printing our own. I get blank ones by the thousand and print them on my home computer. Even with the printer ink, I still save a ton of money and we like the flexibility of changing anytime. You can buy the blanks from

Pizza City,

Good post.


I think they are the same company. I just sent my menu to them late yesterday and got a proof early today…fast and it looks great…11x14 too…

will follow up when I get them.

Sure I am a lttle biased but I am not as fan of homemade printing…Sure it may cost less but it also affects your profits…An investment in quality will result in higher sales which is how you make higher profits…RCS…

I’ve used They gave me a great design looked like full color and the guy that answers the phone is easy to work with

What’s the name of your restaurant, when I’m in St. Louis I will stop by and give you guys a try.

The name of my restaurant is Fortel’s Pizza den. It is located at 11977 St. Charles Rock Rd. in bridgeton, mo