Cheap Shelving

Anyone know of a good place to get some wall mounted shelving at a reasonable price. I need about 32 feet of 14" wide.

Depends on “reasonable”. I have found that there are wall brackets for the wire shelving like Metro sells (I get mine at Discount Warehouse Club store). You can get the shelves often used, and the brackets are available online or probably from your food distributor if you use Sysco/USfoods or someone like that.

The brackets have arms that stick out from walls and hitch into the holes where poles normally go. I have lived large with them since I use 18" shelves and get sets of 5 with poles for $70. Add brackets and I am shelved up.

Just a comment about items purchased at Building supply and other retail out lets. Most of the time those items will not have NSF certification. A cranky inspector could make you pull it.
George Mills

We built some with 8 foot lengths of white coated wire racks. Mounted it directly to the FRP walls.

Like the poster above commented, be sure it will pass an inspection. We installed ours obviously without having any kind of materials certification, but being that it was coated, grated, and not holding food (only paper product), they looked at it and passed it.

They gave more scruitiny to our white laminated plywood spash guard on the back of our slap table. However, we were replacing a similar laminated board with like material so it passed.

Yes, do check. Being Stainless and nearly the exact same design as the MERTO at half the cost (all their parts are interchangeable with what I use). . . our local inspectors don’t blink. Plastic, on the other hand is not at all attactive to me in the kitchen.