Cheap software for Pizza-BBQ restaurant...

I have hardware/touchscreens from ebay. No delivery, but take-out and beer -wine. I want a kitchen monitor. Point of Success looks okay, so does PointOS, which has no kitchen monitor but seems easy to use. I have downloaded both demos and successfully put my entire menu on PointOS, but am struggling with Point of Success…
WHat else is out there in this category? That doesn’t suck? Foodman is confusing…Opening next week,HELP!!

Alll I can offer is, we went with Point of Success due to the ‘ease’ of installation and set up. I, even with my notable lack of knowledge and talents in the whole computer thing, was able to get the menu inputing figured out and started. I admit I have since turned that over to a couple of our sons who finished the entire process in only a couple of sessions.

I find the program to be fairly intuitive, and we can now make menu changes on the fly to account for daily “specials”, with no trouble. I’ve purchased the brand new Inventory add-on and expect it within days, I’m excited with the possibilities this new software will give our operation as well.

I’ve found the Jeff’s and Kathy at P.O.S. to be extremely helpful and generous with their personal time, they’ve all been a pleasure to deal with, are openly accessible and clearly take pride in their product and especially in serving their customers.

And no…I don’t get a discount coupon for saying so. :smiley:

Point of Success most definitely DOES have a Kitchen monitor.

Fourlix wrote:
“help i’m opening next week.”

Not to be negative and don’t know the circumstance but I think you should have put some more research and time into this just a week before hand. There are alot of factor’s as you already know.

wish you the best.


:evil: Yes you are being negative, and no, you don’t know the circumstances…I am looking for software that will work for me at an affordable price. I have loaded my menu on PointOS as well as tried to load it on to Point of Success…Point of Success has features I want and like, Kitchen monitor, real time cost analysis, but it is cumbersome to use. the display limits the number of characters for example, an Extra Large pepperoni pizza show up as "Extra Large "on the kitchen monitor. Throughout the menu, the number of characters is very limited. As a theme restaurant based on Billy the Kid, we have a lot of theme names for pizzas that are rather long, and I hope, amusing. So an Extra Large Pat Garrett Double Crossing pepperoni has to be shortened to XLPATGAR but the kitchen monitor insists on printing out the EXTRA LARGE and the rest of the description is lost. ANYWAY,I am still looking. PointOS is so easy to use, I loaded my entire menu with all modifiers on it in just a few hours. But it does not support a kitchen monitor or real time cost analysis. ANYTHING ELSE OUT THERE???

I’ve never used it but there are a few on here that use POS Pizza. I really can’t tell tou much about it other thasn I believe it is priced similar to Point of Success. Their website is:

In poin-of-success you can set up your menu using submenu buttons or better yet a super button, whcih should help with your character limitation issues.

At the end of the day, I am confident is saying that you would be more than happy with POS and all that it can do…I’m a believer.

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I apologize as I did not mean it that way, also for below

“kitchen monitor insists on printing out the EXTRA LARGE and the rest of the description is lost”

I’m wondering do you have to go through the kitchen monitor to print the ticket, I do not know any info on their
systems? Unfortunately we also have had some issue’s displaying enough character’s in our kitchen monitor
system.So in our software we have a few of options for this such as…a simple automatic function in our software is using a comma which breaks it into to the next line on the monitor display, order entry button and receipt printer as well.

Have you asked them if they maybe have an option or solution for this

Okay, this is all helping,I think. I requested a demo from Flashpoint…I looked at POS Pizza,not bad at a glance, but I like table displays… that make sense. Not much info on the Flashpoint website, but I like what I see.

Boy, nobody on here in a week,at alll,HELLOoooo…
Well anyway, I have tried many, many POS software demos. I spend an average of 4 or 5 hours with each, trying to load my menu, and simulate using them. Some are incredibly cumbersome and difficult, PointOS was still the easiest, but doesn’t have kitchen display or real time labor/cost analysis my manager wants…MYfreePOS seems to have a built in glitch that makes you contact their tech support line…and they want your credit card to fix it…in a demo?..I could go on and on. Right now I am leaning toward Aldelo. I got a demo, and am getting used to it. I know it is very popular, and I have seen it in action at a pizzaria/microbrewery where the girl took my order in an amazingly short time. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it, other than the stupid little ugly icons, which are easily eliminated. I will work on it some more this weekend,but I have to bite the bullet and make a decision. Meanwhile the restaurant is coming together and NOW there may be some issues with the plumbing inspector…Oh crap.

I’m not sure if you are saying “Point of Success” with your use of “PointOS”. I’m a user of the former and it most certainly has a kitchen monitor feature as well as several easily accessible ways to check up to the minute food & labor costs. We’ve been extremely satisfied with our selection. We’re using it to run a 100 seat “Family Pub” concept offering 8 draft and 28 bottle craft beers, local wines, and a menu ranging from pizza to steaks. I’d find it difficult to believe you couldn’t have the same level of satisfaction as we do.

Thank you for that reply. It was informative. PointOS is not the same as Point of Success. I am kind of down to Point of Success or Aldelo. Aldelo has a kitchen display but it is an expensive option, with a real bump bar set up, about $1,200. Point of Success system seems fine, and I have figured out that by changing the size to XL, S, etc, I can get it to fit on the display. I need more time playing with both of them in order to make a decision…More advice is also a big, big help…SO the thread could now read…“ALDELO or POINT OF SUCCESS?”

Sorry I missed this thread. Was too busy… Try ‘FreePos by Positive Feedback Software’. It gets the job done. Not real sure where you’re headed with the ‘kitchen monitor - bumper’ but freepos supports it. When I get to $3K/hr I’ll think about doing a bumper system.