Cheap T-shirts?

I want to get some T-shirts done up with my logo on them. Anyone know where I can get some done for a reasonable price? Looking for small print and design on left front and large print and design on back. Any reputable online vendors?

We are getting our next batch here in a couple of days from Powell Shirts

They do a direct print sort of thing, and we’ve been happy with the performance of the sample they sent us a month or two ago. Small minimums, and I think standard price was $8 apiece. These aren’t cheapy white ones for $5, but they are definitely affordable.

I used T-Shirts Ink & More. The quality was good. Their prices were excellent. I got shirts 200 shirts for $2.50 each and shipping was free. They used Gildan & Hanes heavyweight Ts.

I used to use:

You may want to look locally, I never had and then a guy came in and he does a hanes front and back screen print for 4.oo a shirt. (RED) We have to buy 100 at a time but for that price why not?

ask for mary


good quality

Actually ordered shirts today from the local guy I was talking about asked if it was ok to post…he said fine.

We got ours for:
3.99 screen printed 2 sides.
I think in the begining we might have had to pay a set up fee but it would have been minimal.

The shirt is a gildan heavy. (I used to pay 9 bucks for a hanes heavy and they were a better quality than gildan but I am pleased with Gildan because they are so cheap.) Quality is pretty good…we go through lots of them because we hire alot of teenagers who come and go. Anyway if you are looking for an inexpensive t shirt call him.

MSM Marketing
Marvin is who I deal with

Kris, How many colors?

I used i purchased 720 shirts in the same fashion as you did, and they charged me $2.49 a piece. 4 color design.


Red Shirt

White Lettering 2 sides

that domain comes up “for sale” when I enter it. Is there an error in the addy or in my computer? I can’t afford 6 gross of shirts, but I can talk to them about fewer shirts.