Check out my mailers, we are sending out 20,000 mailers

We are sending out these 20,000 mailers on monday

here are these proofs

They are 8x11 size and we sent out 20,000 of them for $3750.00 total delivered to the homes

did you do them yourself?
What mailing company did you use?

Re: Check out my mailers, we are sending out 15,000 mailers

We use a little mailing service out of boise idaho, I get a really good deal cause we have been usiung them for years.

but .255 cents each is a good deal for a 8x11 mailer, they are huge!

And i was mistaken, we did 15,000 mailers for 3825, I looked at my invioce i and i was mistaken about the shippent.

Have you ever done any testing to see if an 11 x 17 pulls enough extra response to cover the extra cost…I am guessing it would be less than 0.05 each extra to go to the larger size…I have had clients tell me once they went to 11 x 17 (tri-fold) they never went back to the smaller size…

im right at.30each, i do like your product though

i used to do the 4x6? or maybe they were 5x7, im not sure.

But i think the 8x11 should bump the return on the mailers from about 3% to 4% or maybe 5% if i am lucky

Tell me more about these peanut butter and jelly dessert sticks. Are these made in house? What do they look like?

I thought the same thing when I looked at it the first time.

I honestly think it’s a little busy for my taste. But, I think if I was a civilian I would still look it over and probably hang onto it for a little bit. I like your first coupon that offers two pizzas and two orders of breadsticks. I just realized that I keep doing these combo meals with only one order of our signature breadsticks (they’re insanely popular around here) and two XL pizzas. Our pies are cut into 8 pieces and our breadsticks are cut into 8 pieces, I bet it’s rare that someone is happy with 2 slices and 1 breadstick…they want more bread! And with a 700% mark-up, the perceived value is awesome for my customers and the food cost is negligible for me. Win-Win.

The peanut butter and jelly desert sticks are BOMB. We take a meduim pizza skin and get rasberry pie filling and then take creamy peanut butter and put a equal amount inside and fold it over like a calzone, and butter it and put alittle cinnimon and sugar on the top and cut it into strips and cook it

They are so good and the food cost is about .50 cents each.

Looks Great! Hope you get a lot of responses. At 15K I will say you should be breaking records.

I like em.

What I got from the once look over was-

Your pizzas are bigger
I can get a free order of pbj stix if I spend 20
You have best pizza in town
And I think I can get a 18" Two topping for 8.99
You love seniors 10% any order anytime

Good job…

I went back a looked and of course saw more info but just wanted you to know what I picked up from the first quick glance.

A little busy but I like how you creatively put tons of info on the flyer. I wouldn’t change a thing. Yeah I like em…I hope you are well staffed…you are gonna get killed!

On a side note…love what you are doing with PBJ stix…we make them all the time and tried them on our kids menu but they never really took off which is toooooo bad cuz they are AWESOME.


We do ours a bit different.

Ours we take a dough ball and roll it into a small pan, lite butter and then when it is done baking put peanut butter and jelly on top. Maybe that is why they didn’t take off…LOL

They are delicious though…yours sound delicious too.


I should have stated, we printed 15k mailers, We are sending out 6k for my PA store and 4k for my sequim store, which hit houses on tuesday and wensday.

The other 5k i will send out in a few weeks.

I think we should hit 60k month at my PA store and maybe 45k at my other store

expires 9/30/10?

I dont want to steal the thread but can someone tell me the cost if I had a permit and wanted to drop a carrier route
what the postage would be for a 4 by 6 post card or an 8x11 paper?

13.9 cents for either size if doing the whole carrier route