Check out my menu!

If you go w/ a 2 color menu, I suggest that you can get the same impact and save a couple bucks by going 2 color on the front & 1 color on the back (or if you set it up “landscape style” & fold in half, 2 color in front, 1 color inside.) I really suggest you do it with the fold - it would look more like a menu and less like a flyer.

Also, make sure you go to that website - - use it to target some “big fish” in your pond.


Thanks for the response. Just an fyi I am not married and my family thinks I should have closed after the first month when I found out I had been lied to about the profitability of the store. On this quest I am basically flying solo!

Do you do much radio advertising? Is there a movie theatre near you? I started a promotion here called “dinner & a movie” (yeah, I know, clever name) but it works great, 2 local radio stations give away a dinner (pizza) and 2 movie tickets each week. They run 40 spots each week, on both stations. The stations get to give away free stuff, for no real cost to them, the restaurant gives away 2 pizzas a week, the movie theatre gives away 4 passes, and in the end, it’s over $110,000 of advertising during the course of the year. If your movie theatre doesn’t want or care for the idea, find out if you can buy the tickets in bulk, Regal Theatres has “VIP” tickets for as little as $6 each in a minimum of 50, that can be used in the same manner. It’s just a thought, but if you can find a “partner” to give free stuff away, many radio stations love that stuff. You would be amazed at what kinds of stuff you can “trade-out”. Remember to use the “full-value” of your goods in the equation, not the sale prices. Good luck.

If you dropped 5000 door hangers once on every house, then it is almost certain to have failed. If you dropped 5000 on the same houses in two batches, one week after the other, then it should have had some sort of response, unless the door hanger offer was flat and not effective.

OR your competition could have had an effective campaign going on over top of yours and beat you to the punch. Better capitalized guys are trickier to out play.