Check out my Web site!

Web site almost done, then I’ll get rid of the free godaddy hosting. Anybody using ehungrey or like. i want to do that next.Still have to add catering menu, be done this week, and adding a coupon page. Check it out. what

i like it, using the pizza box as a background for the menu is nice.

Really nice look! Good luck with it, it’s awsome. Are you by a beach or is it a touristy area? Have a great day.


Your website looks great - nice quality on the graphics! All the best!

Chris ,
Ordered 10000 menus from Taradel on tuesday, my first order. If everyhing works out I’m going to order 50000 flyer. Thanks for checking out web site. What

I’m in a Historic Village that is busy 6 months out of the year, I also have a great take-out biz.I’m 10 minutes from the shore near atlantic city. What