Check us out on Conan tonight

One of our drivers won the "Blow up my car " contest on the the Tonight Show with Conan. He has a nice car that he didn’t want to deliver in so he bought an old heap, cut the roof off and painted our logo on the hood and side doors. He has used this car for about 4 years and everyone in the area knows him from this car.

For fun he entered this contest and won. So tonight, the old car gets blown up and he gets the keys to a new Lexus H250 hybrid.

We are all going to miss that old car :frowning:

Anyway check it out on Conan at 11:30 on NBC


Here are some links

The winner announcement

http://www.tonightshowwithconanobrien.c … 09/1152866

Here is the blow up video

http://www.tonightshowwithconanobrien.c … 9/1154400/

Aw man, he shot down the idea of putting your logo on the new Lexus.

Did he get to meet Jennifer Connelly?

Man, I miss the good ol’ days when Andy Richter was his sidekick… :cry:

Conan is the man, very cool your driver got to experience that. Oh and winning a new Lex has got to be pretty sweet too.

Andy is his sidekick again.

WHAT?!? Since when?

Since he took over Jay Leno’s time slot.