Check Your Accounts To See If You're On Vacation

Just a few hours ago I was talking to a friend who has been getting about $1300 a day being spent with their debit card in Italy since the beginning of the weekend. Now, I know they’re not in Italy, because I wasn’t in Italy when I was talking to them. So, I told them I was sorry they were going to have to deal with that.

Lo and behold, apparently I’m going to Mexico pretty soon, because I just had tickets booked through one of my bank accounts today. Apparently it’s been happening all over in the last few days. I have the debit card in my possession and haven’t used it in a long time, no clue where they got the info. Just wanted to let everyone know to keep a close eye on your accounts so you can catch it quick if it happens to you.

It’s Lehmann… he got a taste for travel to the Caribbean and now he is on the move! :shock:

Did you and your friend happen to frequent the same restaraunt? We had this happen here a few years ago. A couple of people on the waitstaff at a restaraunt were stealing CC info when they took your card to pay the bill. They were working with a ring of theives. They were smart enough to wait several weeks after they stole the info to actually raid the account. that made them harder to find. In the same week, we used our card here in South Carolina, in Brazil, in Colorodo and in Chicago. Over a couple of days about $8000.00 was spent on our visa debit card. The bank caught the crazy pattern and froze our account. the rep that helped us fix it all told us the feds had been investigating this for a while and knew who was responsible but wanted to gatherenough evidence to get the whole ring. The establishment in question closed down shortly afterwards, I always wondered if management was involved. You are taking a risk every time your credit or debit card leaves your sight, or for that matter, your hand. We only lost the time involved in fixing it and the cost of about 950 checks since I just bought a new box of them and we had to close that account.


No, we don’t visit similar places because we live about 100 miles apart. I actually haven’t used that card since last Spring, because it’s basically a bill paying account that credit card transactions are deposited to and bills are paid with auto drafts from it. Even when I wasn’t using this account that way, it was only being used at Restaurant Depot, Sam’s and local grocery store.

They obviously got the info somewhere, but they would have had to work really, really hard to get it.

That Carribean travel sure is nice! LOL
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor