Cheese blends

We are looking to change our cheese blend. We are looking for a blend that is really robust and distinctive from our competitors. What are the most popular blends? Also, are blends typically regional such as east coast (w.m. mozz?) vs midwest (mozz,prov,muenst). Thanks.

we use the 4 blend cheese with mozz/ prov/Romano and Asiago, I LOVE the flavor it provides, If your supplier has it I really suggest you give it a try, plus I market it on my menus and all the advertising. Looks great there too

I think there are a lot of places using many different types and blends of cheese and in may not just be regional. In our area of upstate NY, there are some who use Mozz, some use strictly Prov, and some that use strictly American. Then there are the ones that use a Mozz, Prov, blend. Another popular blend in Mozz, Prov, Cheddar. There are 2 big ones in our area that use a Mozz, American Blend. And then There are those that use Mozz, Parmesan or Mozz, Romano. It all depends on the flavor that goes well with your sauce and crust. Every blend won’t go well with your pie. Do some experimenting but remember… the people who buy your pizza now, like what you use now, and may not like a switch. If you do decide to switch, my advice is to do it gradually so that your current customers don’t notice a drastic change.


That sounds awesome…do you happen to know the percentages of that blend?


70/20/8/2 Mozz/Prov/Romano and Asiago

What brand is that cheese under, Rockstar?


My own personal favorite cheese blend is made from whole milk Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Romano. The Mozzarella cheese, while very good, doesn’t have depth or complexity of flavor. The Parmesan cheese adds that, and the Romano adds character/fortitude/robustness to the overall flavor. Just don’t over do it on the Romano.
I don’t think you would go wrong with any of the blends mentioned in the thread. Experiment to find something that works well for your customers. Maybe spend a little time offering a free sample slice of pizza while your customers are waiting for their order, then present them with a card containing a couple questions relating to the flavor of the slice (be sure to keep it as a plain cheese pizza). When all the dust has settled, introduce the “new” cheese blend as a “popular choice” option or some other catchy term, to see how well it is received. Be sure your employees are trained to brag on the new cheese option, and maybe even offer it at a slightly discounted price to get your customers into the mood of trying something a little different.
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Im looking to switch up my cheese blend, using a 2% wisconsin cheese & a provolone cheese. I blended a tub this morning using a 2/1 ratio (2-2% / 1-prov) already, the prov has a light smoke, without trying to go thru alot of different blends & making a tone of sample pizzas does anyone have another blend ratio with these two types of cheeses? I made a pizza & tried it with the blend I did & really cant tell much difference in taste

I know provolone is a whole milk cheese & I dont want to add a whole lot more butter fat by adding more provolone, I was thinking possibly going with a provolone that is not “light smoke” but I dont want it to be over powering

We used a wm Mozz/prov blend at 50/50. Got the smoothness and melt of mozz, and some depth of flavor from the prov . . . and the prov has its own stretch and melt as well.

Do you use a lite smoke provolone? Im sure each brand has its own level of smoke to it. Im trying F & A brand of prov.


I did the 50-50 blend & made just a cheese pizza, honestly I really cant tell any difference in taste, must be the f&a brand of lite smoke provolone. Think I will ask my supplier to get me another brand.

Sorrento, at least, will do custom blends for you. But, you can do custom blends yourself. I like 80/20 mozz to provolone, not a heavy smoke on the prov. Whole milk mozz only! 20# mozz to 5# prov, into a tub and mix. It’s not as fast as straight out of a bag of shredded, but it’s cheaper than getting the custom blend made. And, the time saved getting shredded cheese is well worth it to me.

A little cheddar with it, sometimes works, some people think it cheapens the look of the pizza. Asiago works for me, but some just don’t like it.