Cheese Blends?

Anyone blending their mozzarella with anything other than Provolone? Would be interested in hearing what others may use. I’d like to mix in some Provel, but it just isn’t economically available on the left coast. One of my employees said at his old pizza place they blended in a small amount of Muenster.

We use a blend of moz and muenster

What’s your blend ratio and how much are you paying per lb for muenster?

Lueprino (?spelling) make it for us (small chain in CO). Currently paying about $2.20 a pound for shredded blend.

We used to use a dice blend, but moved over to the shredded last year.

We don’t use a blend, just whole milk mozzarella with Romano added while building it. but we allow customers to add different cheeses to their pizza.
They can add white cheddar curds, smoked Gouda, Swiss, cream cheese, blue, and I’ve got some provel on its way for some other purposes, that will also be available as a premium add-on.

My first order of Provel cost me $5.99/LB, I’m working on a more realistic price or we’ll not carry it anymore. The stuff is made right here in WI, yet none of my suppliers can get it.

A place I once delivered for blended Edam at a ratio of 3 mozza to 1 Edam.

I grew up in the Inland Empire in the 70’s early 80’s. There was a Pizza Chalet in San Bernardino (since gone) that used to use swiss in their mix. I liked it!


Where did you grow up. I’ve lived in the inland empire for 49 years now

San Bernardino, Muscoy to be exact. Just off of Highland Ave. near where the train wreck blew up the neighborhood… It wasn’t too bad a neighborhood in the 70’s early 80’s but now it’s sketchier than hell just looking around on Google Earth. I’ve lived in MA for most of the past 33 years.

I liked so Cal back then. I used to ride my bicycle from Muscoy to Balboa Pier in Newport Beach quite a bit. It was a long day.

I grew up in Rubidoux. Pretty much the same place just 20 miles away. Believe it or not, I was sorta car jacked in Muscoy once. It was 1987, I was getting gas and this guy came up to me with a gun. He made me drive back to his halfway house because he was in danger of missing his curfew. He held the gun on me the whole time but was very polite. At the end he thanked me and ran into the halfway house.