Cheese Blends

What are the most popular cheese blends that you guys use?

50/50 ps mozz-prov grande’

I use an 80-10-10 mottz-prov-chedd

50% prov / 25% PS mozz / 25% WM mozz
It’s a combination of Saputo and Winona cheeses.

we just got samples of grande wm mozz, we’re waiting for the samples of the 50/50 blend but its interesting that the grande rep told me that we should probly stick with the wm mozz, because although the 50/50 is really good its stronger flavor and some kids are turned off by it, I’m looking forward to trying it, but just wondering what you guys think of that??

Has anyone tried Land O Lakes LM WM? Roma item # 011224? Found this to be a great tasting and melting chesse, especially for re-heated slices.