Cheese Drops Again!

Anyone seen the cheese market this week? I don’t know about everyone else, but I could use a break on my cheese cost. Roma has allready lowered their prices in my area.

We are down $2.00 per case this week. We are using Grande.

What is everyone paying over block price?

I am paying $.25 over block, is this good?

$0.25 over is awesome. I’m paying +/- $0.80.

About 20 cents above the market but trailing by about 20 days.

Im 23 cents over the friday average for F&A Wisconsin.

just pd 2.28 lb 2day

You guys that are 20-23 cents over. Have you had a recent increase? I was at 17 but have had two increases on the manufacturing end and it is up to 24.


Any of you guys paying block plus for Grande? Our rep said Grande does not do that.

still paying over $3 for Grande diced here in AZ ?

I understand Grande is higher here than most places. What do you pay there for Grande ?


Grande is premium, so I do not think you’ll see fixed commodity pricing there.
Interestingly, I understand Grande pays way more than standard milk prices.
They require there source to have above average protein levels and so their cost are higher on the feed and yield.
One reason it is so good.


 Plan to use Grande ?   If so, which one ?


We are running about $3.20 for Grande WM mozz diced. We will be using WM, the mozz/prov mix, and smoked provolone depending on the recipes.

buying loaves and shredding your own for the blend ?

I do not do that but think that is a good way to go, just need the right equipment…sure can make your pizza stand out from the crowd,


Grande has a blend. Anything we want to blend will be purchased diced and then blended together. Some cheeses will may have to sliced or shredded if we can only get it in block.

Hi dlrintz- noticed you are from AR, I am opening shop in Decatur…NW AR. Originally from Jersey. Just thought I would say hello and see how things are going for you.


Yeah, fuel prices are finally getting tacked on.

Cheese is finally coming back to Earth… it’s flour that’s going to bite everyone from now through at least the end of the summer.