Cheese Hawg - Bringing Back the Palazzolo Cheese Hog

I am looking to gauge the interests of the pizza industry to start reproducing the famed Palazzolo Cheese Hog. A local pizza chain had contacted me early this year to reproduce these cheese shredders to help bring efficiency to their kitchen(s) and reduce labor costs on grating cheese.

In short, I would like to know if this style of equipment is still of interest to the masses. If so, my business partner and I (a machinist and an engineer) will be going through our first build and gaining ETL & NSF certification.

Let me know your honest thoughts. The cost and time to get into building these units is steep but we are eager to help the industry.

Thank you

Have you tried contacting the Palazzolo folks? They might sell you the rights for less than it would cost to reinvent the wheel.

Yes, attempts were made. It would have been a preferred method but all contact methods have failed. It would have been great to meet the inventor and discuss details but that seems unlikely now.

Either way, his units have been purchased by us and we have gone through every details and reverse engineered and designed the machine to his exact specs.

Again, we are full replication of the original Palazzolo unit which we feel is best for the market place.


I used one at a Rosatis location a couple years ago it was awesome! Definitely keep us posted !

We have used one for three years and are very pleased with it. The machine paid for itself in a short time based on either using pre-shredded or shredding with our mixer attachment. It has been very reliable and almost idiot-proof, depending on the level of idiot hired!

Would be very interested

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