Cheese Hog

We’re still looking at shredding our own cheese and the pelican head we bought didn’t even fit together right. Now we’re looking into the Cheese hog. Has anyone used it? Thoughts on it?

When I spoke with them the guy told me the pelican heads place a lot of stress on your mixers gears. Any truth to that?



Any salesman is going to tell you what you want to hear to sell their product…

While I don’t know much about a cheese hog, I do know that we’ve used a pelican head to shred endless cases of cheese for almost 50 years. We still have our original Hobart mixer. I’m no physics wizard, but I would guess that mixing a batch of dough puts way more “stress” on the gears than grading cheese. I’ve actually seen two shafts break from dough. Talk about torque. You’d think the brass gear would have failed first since it’s designed to be the fail point, but nope. They all look great even today.

As long as you’re in the right gears your mixer gears shouldn’t really fail if maintained properly. At least with my experience. I’m sure Tom or George might have more experience with seeing these things fail, but our 3 Hobart’s are as strong as bulls.

That said. Grading a large quantity of cheese on a mixer using a pelican head sucks. It just seems like an “outdated” method to grade cheese. We’ve since switched to a Hobart vertical cutter/mixer. There are other tools out there that are “easier” to use for sure.

Thanks for your response. I wasn’t quite sure of the truth to it either. It still looks like an amazing tool to shred large quantities of cheese. We have two locations, 1 with a hub for a pelican head and 1 without. We’re thinking of shredding all of our cheese at 1 location with this Cheese Hog which claims to be able to shred 30lbs per minute with a single phase, 1 1/2 HP motor. The video demo seems pretty legit too.

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We bought 2 units a month ago and they are FANTASTIC! We were shredding cheese 8 hours a day and now have cut that down to 1.5 hrs a day! We were able to save some labor by cutting an insider off the shift entirely! We’re up to 2000 lbs of cheese shredded a week, needless to say this was a life saver.

agreed…bought mine a few months ago (I am pretty sure the same guy has more on eBay…it’s a chain that consolidated their kitchen so they had alot to get rid of). Wish I bought one of these 20yrs ago!

I looked on eBay. Do you have a seller ID from the guy you bought it from?

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It’s a father and son outfit. Great product!

What’s the cost on those? I like the idea of shredding 25-50 lbs a minute… that’s way faster than my vcm!

I was quoted 4200

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I want one! Actually Im not sure

I use a pre diced 3 cheese blend, and its nights like tonight when we got slammed from the football game that Im happy I have one less thing to worry about(shredding cheese).
Then I use thier cost savings calculator(which is very truthful in thier fixed variables) and it tempts me to get one!!! Im so indescisive sometimes.
Would anyone consider getting one if they used a three cheese blend?

We use a 4 cheese blend and would never ever ever consider a diced cheese product… taste bad, melts weird. Buy this machine ( $2000 ) and cheese your pizzas the real way. Stop cutting corners… unless you’re in Northern Colorado, if so then please keep making this enormous mistake! Lol.

we blend as well and it is no problem…this is a no brainer…do it now!

Thanks for the link. Looks like nothing else available unfortunately. You got yourself a great deal

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I left the link to their site above. Call them , they hand build per order. Takes about 2 weeks to have it shipped.


8 hours a day? Were you shredding by hand??

We use about the same amount of cheese a week with a pelican head in 1 hour per day

Pelican head on a Hobart. We had drivers start and stop the process throughout the day but it would take that long. 6lb blocks cut into 4th’s to fit into the pelican head and shredded on speed 1 to avoid clumping and waste. I can’t see how 300lbs in and hour is possible this way

We just ordered it this morning. Very very excited

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Id need to talk to my guys as I’m no there doing it anymore but i know when i was doing it my self i could do 4 case in 45 min, but on speed 4

Its all in how big of blade you use, we use a 1/4 in blade, the larger shreds go faster and don’t clump