cheese on plain pizza gets too dark

i cook on decks. here is my problem - i cook at 525-550, and cook time about 7 min. all pizzas come out nice and perfect, except one - plain cheese pizzas. what happens is - cheese gets too dark, which is not the profile i am looking for in my concept. with pizzas that have at least one topping - its not a problem, because toppings absorb some of the heat and cheese stays light colored, if no toppings on pizza - cheese doesnt look offwhite as i want it too. the best solution i found so far is to cook cook plain pizzas a little less, say 6 min vs normal 7, but i definiatedly loose on crispiness, crust color. What else can i do?

how many decks do you have? maybe you could get a baking stone and cook your just cheese pies on that, it may help crisp up the crust with a lower cook time.

Went through the process before with our deck oven and cheese. From what I have found there are two solutions.

  1. Experiment with different cheeses as some burn faster than others. Typically the higher the butter fat in the cheese the faster it will burn.

  2. Lower the temp in your oven and extent your baking times. A seven minute baking time seems pretty quick on a deck anyway.

How about saucing the dough and baking it for a minute or so, take it back out and then put on the cheese and finish cooking?

Why not take them off the screen so the bottom can cook a little quicker?