Cheese Pack Size

Just wondering what the pack sizes are of the cases of cheese you are buying. Grande excluded. We use grande whole milk about 9 cases a week. My sysco rep told me that 9 grande are equivilent to about 11 1/2 of most other brands. going by pack size. Im not sure if he was blowing smoke up my A$$ or if this is true. I havent used anything but grande since I opened my own shop.

Our cheese comes in a case of 8 x 5lb blocks. 40lbs per case.

Ours comes in between 40-44 Lbs. Why do you care what size the case is?

Are we sure the rep wasn’t talking about coverage rates. True or not I keep reading about how Grande melts better than most and that will cut down on cheese usage by about 20% or so. ie: 9:11.5 ratio… just a thought. :idea:

Mike- I was not actually referring to the melting capabilities of grande. I think we know by now you are not allowed to talk about that here. Most people dont agree that it’s possible for grande to stretch. I was really wondering because in the words of my distributor " your two cases away from the big money" doing a couple of calculations, I believe he’s right. I just didn’t know if he was right about the pAck size.

My cheese comes packed 45-49 PBS in a case. When did Sysco start selling grande.

I feel inferier, my cheese comes in 15# cases :oops:


I’ve seen block sizes of 6, 8, and 11 pounds. Typical “CATCH” weights for a case range between 45 - 55 pounds.

Not sure what you mean by reference to increasing 2 cases per week. How about stating the weekly usage in “pounds” instead of cases. Everyone can do the math then. IE, if we use a 1000 lbs/week, everyone knows how much cheese that is…

Im not worried about the apples in the case, just how many cases of apples i can sell. This was more of a industry survey then a math problem.

I would not take kindly to my rep wanting me to change products to a lighter case in order to increase case count for a discount! Your cheese usage is not going to increase just because the product comes in a smaller case… You are already buying a product that they make more money on due to higher price to begin with. They should just give you the price break if you are two cases a week from it.

He was not trying to sell me anything. He was informing me, if I was to buy any other cheese id need to order extra cases because of pack size. I was not aware grande was a heavier case

So Pakula, what is the weight of one of your cases of cheese?

I have been a Grande user for 20 years and this always burns my behind. The Grande rep says you save money by using less…ya right…you will never use the amount you have on paper, you always use more.


I believe about 52lbs is my average

Pt I use grande because i think the flavor is just flat out incredible. It is Also the only cheese I have ever seen that stays consistent all year. I am very big on grande as a whole. I pay more for their product and in turn my Customer does too. And when you break it down. It’s not much more. Along with the mozzarella I also use fresh mozz in water( rotodino) ricotta (soprafina) and Romano (contessa).

Sorry, I understood this statement of yours to mean there was a price break at the slightly higher level.

Somone help me understand the point of “Your two cases away from big money”. I am lost in the conversation and can’t figure it out.

Easy survey on the cases . . . some companies pack in different weights. I ahve two companies right off the database: 1 sells avg 48# while Grande is avg 56#. Grande sells a heaver average case than some others, same as some. Calculate based on cost per pound, and everyone is seeing the same thing.

Pakula, so your buying Grande from sysco… I have been buying from sysco for years and they cannot sell grande here in NYS. My rep told me they do not have a good rep with Grande…

This thread went a different way than I thought it would. Basically it comes down to this. We opened three years ago. We have only bought grande whole milk loaf. Never anything different. At one point we were using about 5 cases/ week. Over the years we have increased our case usage to 9 cases…I was having a conversation with my sysco rep about another location for sale…he said “they are doing about 7 cases of cheese per week” You can roughly tell what someone makes by that number but when i was crunching the number he told me about the pack size of the cheese he was using was around 40lbs a case. That changed everything, and I wasnt sure if it was true. So I was just asking for pack size…I never paid attention before I opened a place and I Never changed my product.

The two cases away from big money- I’m doing 9 cases a week, about $15,000 sales. Another two cases would put us just at the million dollar mark. Thats all I meant by big money.

Italy- Sysco Does not sell me Grande. What part of NY are you in and who are you getting it from now?

pakula Im upstate and Buy Grande From Casa.