Cheese price increases

Just a couple of weeks ago I posted a thread regarding the ever increasing price of cheese. I said how in four weeks the price had gonefrom AU$96 per 20kg block to AU$134 a block and another increase was in for 22/10/2007.

My supplier told me today that the price is going up to AU$156 for Mozz and AU$152 for Cheddar, an increase of 16.4% and 13.4% on top of the increase 4 weeks ago of 39.6% and 11% 4 weeks prior to that. This means that Mozz has gone up 62.5% (AU$60 a 20kg block) in just 8 weeks and Cheddar up 58.3% (AU$56 a 20kg block).

Sorry but I don’t buy the drought and worldwide shortage of Dairy products for increases this servere.

Unfortunately in our small market there is not much wholesaler competition and only 2 major manufacturers who make up 90% of the market.

And I put up new priced menu board only today. :cry:

Drastic measures will be put in place to ensure not a shred of extra cheese goes on any pizza.


I wish I could get my cheese at your prices. You pay 80% of what I do when the exchange rate is calculated. I pay $175(CAD) for 18kg and there is only one supplier that will go that low because I buy everything else from him. The other supplier is charging $182.

cheese price for us have been stable for the past few weeks…
the peg price that I think is normally used here, CME, link below, did go to $2.26 per pound around 6 weeks ago and our cheese price went up with that…
different distributors change the prices at different times using many different ways to do it, can be a screen for “we raise them when block price goes up, and lower them when the customer catches on”
for larger volume users like Domino’s, it’s more lock step and margins negoiated by the accounts for time periods…