Cheese price increasing?

Just wondering what everyone is paying for cheese and if you are raising prices because of it.

Was paying 1.52 and 1.72 and now it’s 3.02 and 3.12.

Yep. 2.22 from Troyer’s Indiana foodservice. And 3.79 from Sysco last week.

I bought a bunch of cases of cheese at 1.80 bc all my vendors jumped up .70 cents in one week so I bought as much as I could

You can watch the Cheese Market here: “Blocks” tells you what’s going on with pizza cheese(s).

From my US Foods Sales rep:

Hello! I spoke to the grande rep, he said the price will go back Down in a few weeks. When the milk prices were really low the farmers got together and slaughtered a bunch of cows in the grande market also the government has been buying a lot of the cheese and giving it to people throughout our country. It will level back off in a few weeks.

I’d suggest raising prices incrementally every 6-12 months (a quarter or two a pizza). That way you don’t put yourself in the position where you have to implement a drastic price increase. Now is a good time to bump prices up because of what’s going on with cheese prices and wage increases (depending on where you live).