Cheese price WT!

cheese closed out at $1.75 a lb today thats 23cents in 2 weeks and 43cents in 4 weeks what the heck is causing this crap

glad i am done


CHEESE—This push on pricing has been brewing for several months. Class III milk prices are up from the range we were in the last 6 months of 2010. March Block futures are climbing. Producers holding back inventory to drive priing up. Fuel and grain both on the rise. Don’t be surprised to see a block of 1.75 during the next few months with maybe a small drop in the Spring.

this came from one of my suppliers just yesterday. he sends me out their updates for the sales people. it also said to expect another 20-40 cent raise by the end of this month

Your supplier must have a crystal ball. Block price is already past $1.75.

$1.75 and you say that is up?? they are getting $2.39 here. not from me but still… $1.87 from shamrock and that is down 35 cents since summer. j