cheese price

When I look on the PMQ main page for cheese price, today it’s at $1.70 per block. We’re paying $2.10 per pound. How does that relate? Is there anyone that thinks $2.10 is high/low/average?


we are over $2.30 lb

$1.63 per lb.

Depends on the quality of cheese and the arangement with your supplier. I pay 17 cents over block, but not with the same arangement as most others paying block plus. We pay based on the price the supplier payed weeks before it gets delivered to them. Paying $1.65 now, but end up paying more than everyone else when market is dropping. Advantage is the supplier can order heavy when market is going up and light when it is going down.

the block right now is $1.70 and you pay 1.63lb?

Yeah, I was at $1.63 too. Today it’s at $1.71 with USFoods. I’m sure td_VP192 has the same supplier. Though cheese block prices are at a certain amount today, we won’t see that increase for a couple weeks because we’re paying for cheese that was bought two weeks - one month ago. In a way, it’s like looking into a crystal ball. When I see block prices increase I stock up to get the deal before my supplier increases. -J_r0kk

We use Reinhart out of Pittsburgh. Since this is a franchise we benefit from the buying power of 120+ stores. I’m sure that has something to do with it.

Last Tuesday’s invoice was at 2.29 a pound for a Whole Milk 50/50 mozz and prov blend.

My local Sams Club had Stella part skim mozz for 1.85 per pound in 5 lb blocks.

don’t forget - if you choose, you can buy the same cheese Sam’s does (I believe it is from Leprino & is frozen)

its not bad…

Mine today was $2.69/lb. I use Grande Whole Milk 50/50 diced. Anybody know a comparable cheese that’s less expensive? I’ve tried a few different ones but they just don’t seem to cook or taste as good.

I am in the process of switching all my business to usfoods,
when I talk to him about cheese do you think Its ok to say hey I watch the cheeseprices and want my price to be so many cents over that?

Some of the Sam’s Club’s around the midwest get their cheese from a small private creamery in Iowa

I say do it. Depending on your volume, you should ask about market price plus pricing. Their Roseli brand cheese really is good for us here. They do blocks/loaves as well as pre-processed.

We hesitate to try anything else . . . but may try to get some Grande samples to see how it works out.

I agree with Nick. Roselli isn’t that bad. I buy it in 6 pound loaves and shred it with the Hobart attachment.