Cheese prices are killing my bottom line make it stop

I am making the same profit now doing 100k a month as i was in january doing 70k a month. Who can we thank for that? the CME.

It needs to stop, im working way to hard to make the same as i did in the winter


yea we use about 1100 lbs a week in cheese and 1 buck a pound increase is costing me a small fortune!!

maybe i should try to find cheese on the black market

Ok are you using O-BOMB-A math? Doing $100k is netting same profit as $70k did a few months ago? Cheese is up $1 per pound. Use is 1100 lbs per week. That is an additional $4400 a month. Before we blame the CME… which I agree is a joke of an operation… where is the other $25600 going too? Yes I understand taking out additional food costs and labor…etc. So if sales are up 44%… is that extra $484 in cheese cost really equal to your net sales of previous months? All that being said… I am just busting your mozz-i-balls! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s the heat! 8)

I hear ya. We’re paying over $3.00 this week for Grande EC diced. We only use 600 lbs/week, but still. It’s got to come back down to earth soon.

I saw the Sargento at Rest. Depot this week going for $83.00/case!!

Is there any new litigation with regards to the CME?

Where is flour right now? I heard in the last couple of days that the wheat crops are horrible right now. Either flooded out or so dry the yields are down 40% or so. Either way it spells higher flour cost. By then cheese will probably come down…it’s one thing or another. It would be nice if things would just level out a little for a while. Help everyone control or manage costs. :!: