Cheese prices revisited.....

Just wondering what you are paying for cheese now that it is going down…way down.

We are still at 2.58 lb for LMPS


$2.27 this week, shredded mozz/prov

I am at $2.16/lb this week.

Roma Brand - LMPS/MW Diced.

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My blood pressure is boiling…we are paying 2.58 for BLOCK!!!

I hope you are sitting down right now

I am paying 1.88 for LMPS.

We pay .13 over wholesale block pricing.

Tell your food guys that you want block over pricing, that way you never have to watch it. If cheese is 2.00 on the wholesale market we pay 2.13, if it was 3.00 we would pay 3.13.

This way you dont have to watch it.

Go to Cheese and look at the wholesale prices.

Our guy says they and Grande do not do block plus pricing. :frowning:

My Roma rep said that because they have their own cheese production plant, that everyone that orders from him is paying the same amount over block. I think that is a bunch of BS. I am paying .35 over.

If I can get down to Jokergerm’s .13 I would be saving almost $5,000 year!

He may not have Grande though.

They do have Grande, I don’t know how they price that. I was referring to their cheeses that they produce.

Well my rep “will get back to me” for now we are still going to be at 2.58 a pound for block. Crazy!

I also noticed while he was on vacation our flour was under 20 bucks a bag…he said it was a pricing error and we are now back up to 22.00 for 50#.



I am paying 8.39 for a 25# bag of flour at cash and carry, FSA sells that same dam bag for like 15.30 such crap.