Cheese prices... what are you paying?

I don’t know what NY Charlie is talking about. You can only use Grande with a y-600 at 525? Maybe you work for Grande. I have never seen any cheese burn in my y-600 and I cook at 550. The post was about cheese prices not pumping up Grande. Maybe NY Charlie doen’t use 100% whole milk mozz. I go through about 60,000 pounds a year from another company with no problems.

I watch the cheese market when it is moving around like this ( when I saw it spike I brought in about 2000 lbs which at this time of year (slow) will last me a few weeks. I figure I came out several hundred $$ ahead.

We buy ours lately from US Foods, but I watch the prices every week. Most of the last two years we bought cheese from Sysco. I have not seen a new price (have not looked) since we are working through that big buy.