Cheese prices?

What are you guys payin these days?

1.53 a lb

that must be some ***** cheese prices are around 1.83-1.89 lb loaf around here and i buy 400-600 lbs a week i was paying 1.48 over the summer

i Just Paid 2.39 or grande. You guys are lucky

shredded mozz…1.82 going up up up 600lbs/ wk

have to ask you why do you like grande cheese so much your willing to pay 2.39 a lb. I tried grande cheese and I didn’t see any differance. I have tried about 10 cheeses and I usually use either sorrento or vantaggio. Just curious if I’m missing something.

“These are not the cheeses you are looking for.”

Don’t play your jedi mind tricks on me!

2.32 grande wm loaf

Italy, I agree with you… but have learned in the last few years around here that the Grande crowd is pretty loyal. That 50 cents a pound difference is about half my entire marketing budget!!

I am with you, I have taste tested it a few times when they came around and never felt it was superior at all… and for delivery use found it inferior because of the way it sets up.

Our on hand inventory was $1.60 but I brought in a couple of thousand pounds extra when the market jumped. When we start taking in new stuff this week it will be $1.82.

today $1.93 WM Mozz loaves

What kind of cheese are you using bodegahwy?

Original poster here, paying 1.93 in nashville for mozz/prov

it’s about that time…go through all the old threads about grande. we have been fighting for years over this. Maybe your particular oven may cook sorrento better or you just like the way it performs in your operation. grande is consistent 52 weeks a year. Great product, reheats great and just over all smells/ tastes better.

growing up in ny we have alot of pizza places. Its funny to think about it but all the “best places” are serving grande. Of course i only figured this out after i got into the business but clearly they were serving the better pizza.

There are certainly differing views out there. Many folks, especially out east, like Grande and perhaps have become accostomed to the product. Despite the opinion of those around the big apple, NY has no monopoly on good pizza; it is just one style among many.

When we did blind tasting with a number of people (we invite the employees of businesses nearby for free pizza to test new ideas) Grande did not win on taste. Not even close. More importantly, as a delco, what is the cheese like ten minutes later across town? That is where the way Grande sets up makes it a no-go for me.

Years ago, in the first store I worked in (1978) and the first store I managed (1980), I learned that cheese is the number one factor in pizza cost and SAUCE is the number one factor in pizza taste. In the several pizza operations (4) I worked in or managed before owning my own nothing ever seemed to contradict that early lesson. Those stores included a flat, crispy style pizza at Knowltons in St Paul, several store locations with Dominos (pre 200 stores '79,'80), a deep-dish specialty house called “Green Mill”, an Italian place in Berlin Germany called Fra Diavolo and my own two stores over the last 11 years. (sold one store 10 months ago now)

By all means, if the Grande taste is the thing you are looking for go ahead and use it. But don’t use it because you have HEARD that it is the only way to go. Get some samples, bring in a crowd and do a cutting. Make sure everything is the same other than the variable you want to test. Do some plain cheese pies, a pepperoni and one or two of your best combos. Don’t even tell folks you are testing cheese, just ask which pie they like better. If the answer is clearly the Grande (or whatever else you test this way) then the extra money is probably worth it… if not…

The shelf life of cheese is several weeks. The prices at our food vendors lag the market by a 1-3 weeks. When I see the Chicago price rising day by day, I buy as much as I will use for the next month. That has saved me a fair amount of money over the years. I’ll have to check with my manager what the most recent price is, but she told me that it was $1.82, now that I think about it, I am not sure if that was this week or last week.

I am also in ny and I run a profitable business without grande, as bodeg stated cheese has nothing to do with taste it is your sauce. I personally think Grande used to be the best years ago but now they have a lot of competition out there and thats that. When we tried Grande I also did a test and everyone liked the pizza with sorrento, and as far as the reheat thing goes, NO DIFFERANCE and why should you have to keep reheating slices…

Wow, we probably have a little in common - lived there from 79 - 85.

I copied this by intuition. Bought a 3 month supply (slow season) several weeks ago @ 1.60/lb.

Bought a 3 month supply (slow season) several weeks ago @ 1.60/lb.

Did you take delivery of three months of cheese at once? Mozzarella cooking characteristics change with age. My experience has been that cheese this old does not perform well for pizza. It has a tendency to be much more oily than I like to use. I generally try to use cheese half this old or newer. Let us know if you experience any problems like this.

Thanks Paul. Yes I did. Volume wise, I bought a summer week’s worth. It should last 2 to 3 months over the winter. We’re into week #3, and so far, no problems. (I should add, I tossed the blocks in the freezer and remove for overnight defrosting and shredding the next morning) It shreds well and tastes great. I’ll update this post in about 3-4 weeks as to quality experience problems, if any. Again, thank you.

I’ve actually used cheese that was frozen and then thawed with some success. I would imagine you won’t have the aging issues this way. If left in the refrigerator that long I think problems would arise.