Cheese prices

Why isnt there a separate place for this. Everyone on this board is making pizza with cheese!!! And buying from mainly the same suppliers. Roma, us, sysco, etc etc. Is everyones salesman giving them the best prices and not to the other guy a few miles away or across the street??
Today I bought from roma… assoluti ribbon from roma for 2.41. I mix it with a part skim( forget the price).

Could be off a penny or two, but I believe we are at 2.48 lb for whole milk mozz.

basic part skim 2.50 a bllend we USE to use is 2.81 a pound FU@k that!

We go through Roma and we paid 2.75 lb for whole milk shredded mozz this week. I thinking I’m getting ripped!! :evil:

For those that are going through Roma, which of their cheese products have you found to be the least expensive BUT is still a good Pizza Cheese?


Grande E.C. diced - $2.9 this morning (and that’s down from $3.10 last week). Yuck :twisted:

pcuezze who are you using over there?

Anybody ever worked out a “cost plus” or “CME block plus” type arrangement on Mozarella? What is your experience. My only concern is that they would be incented to buy lots when its low (and then give me older cheese) or buy less when its high (thus running out of inventory).

What about a floor/ceiling type arrangement. I’d settle for anything that gave me some certainty on pricing…

Hi Guys:

Apparently the folks who sell cheese and other items to pizza shops do not frequent this forum as none that I have noticed come forward to explain their pricing structure.

I worked with an outfit that sold food products for a short time and in discussing their pricing procedures with the sales reps they apparently had many criteria for their pricing schedule. First of course was their cost, but apparently the quantity of a particular item being ordered and the size of the total order influenced the price.Thy also indicated that where the buyer was located geographically and how often they placed orders was a pricing factor, along with, if the buyer paid on delivery or if they had terms. Buyers with narrow windows for delivery hours also had that taken into consideration.

Looks like a complicated system. No wonder the pricing varies so widely.

Its not my area of expertise but I do read most all the subjects on the forum.

George Mills

George makes a valid point…we do not hear from the other side of this and many issues. Why don’t we send an invitation to the mfg’s…not the distributors… and ask for clarity of their price structure that they sell too the distibutors with. How does the market index impact their actual cost. Might get some interesting responses. Who are the big 3-4 cheese people? Grande, Roma, ??? Lets put a list up here and send an email. I will gladly handle the email once we get a list of who we want too ask. I really want too see who balks at the idea of sharing. :!:

polly o
foremost farms
Roma has a cheese processing plant in Minnesota but I am not aware of them manufacturing any cheese. They sell a whole lot of Leprino cheese down here in Florida.

I venture to say that I do not think that they would ever allow someone to see what there margins are. It reminds me of the bank bail outs, I venture to say also that PIZZA TODAY AND PMQ will not under any circumstance help on these subjects either as they are paid advertisers.

On the other hand, any one of these vendors that stepped up and participated would reap a harvest of goodwill among the members of this forum. We have certainly seen that vendors like Stani benefit from that kind of goodwill (and having a good product).

All things equal, wouldn’t you rather buy from someone who seemed to give sh!t about your business?

Rockstar, not so much looking for hard numbers as I know from being on the mfg side of the game, as do all owners here, there are so many expenses and hidden costs that you can never really judge a product just by the generic cost to manufacture and retail selling price. I wish it were that easy. I just agree with many others that the way cheese is priced based on this system that is currently in place is crazy. I would like an explanation as too how this selling of boxcars of cheddar actually has a real impact on their costs. I also agree with Steve in that it would be nice for more mfg’s to take an interest in their end-users and step up to the plate and represent themselves. :!:

3.12 grande diced whole milk on 8/26 from GFS in Cape Coral, FL… we go through about 1000 lbs of cheese a month so I think we can do better? Every other vendor is more expensive on grande that we have.

we are getting a little relief on the price of cheese.our block price is 1.92 as of yesterday.for some reason our supplier had the same stuff we use already shredded for even cheaper.
does anyone ever stock up on cheese when it goes down for xmas break??I usually buy all I can afford.

Saputo has a new line of cheese called mozzeria. It has a nice flavor and in our oven it bakes real nice.
I have been paying Sysco foods a 1.84lb now since they started making that cheese. Maybe it helps that I am 45 miles from the facility that makes it?

Is it real cheese?..

It is “pizza cheese”. It contains mozzarella cheese and other additives(modified food starch, I believe). Most of the big chains also use “pizza cheese” and leprino foods makes a lot of it. I think this is Saputos answer to the cheaper cheeses Roma and other distributors offer under their labels.

Now that is something that if your competitors wanted to make an example of could make you look bad…

We use it to make our competitors look bad all the time. For the extra nickel or dime per pound, I don’t see any reason not to use 100 “real” cheese. However, the big guys would rather save the money and don’t seem to care that they are serving a less than perfect pizza.