Cheese prices

Perfect Pizzas: How do you go about using the information of competitors using “pizza cheese” and how do you find out they are using it?

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I think, and please correct me if I’m wrong, PerfectPIzza uses the ‘pizza cheese’ and is saying they just show up their competition by having superior product.

We only use 100% mozzarella cheese and run comparison ads from time to time.

Which pizza do you want to feed your family?

Our Pizza The other guys pizza
We shred 100% mozzarella cheese daily They use frozen “pizza cheese”
We make our dough fresh on the premises daily They use frozen dough or dough trucked in once
or twice a week.
We slice fresh vegetables every day. They use vegetables that that were cut last week
in a warehouse.
We use the finest 100% all meat toppings , They save money by adding soy or textured
no fillers here! vegetable protein or other fillers.
Our sauce is made daily with fresh packed Their sauce goes “from the can, onto your pizza”
california tomatoes and our select blend of
spices and seasonings.

You can find out what your competitors are using by checking the labels on their boxes in their dumpster! Happy hunting.

I have used saputo’s stella mozzarella for about 10 years, and all of a sudden , the mozzeria crap showed up in restaurant depot. Did not work well for me.

One call to Saputo, and the product was back on the shelves 2 weeks later.

^^I have used the stella and various other cheeses that are high end. Our pizza is very unique and our dough is unlike any recipe. It is more like a bread dough. The stella did not bake well at all on our dough. It was a different flavor than our customers are used to after 52 years.

Mozzeria is quite good for us as it wasn’t for you.

Just reading your post and cheese prices are a high cost, why not form a group to buy your products
marias, said he buys 1000 lbs a month, imagine going to a supplier and saying you want a price on 20,000 lbs a month. That would be buying power.

I was just quoted 1.94 and was told it was projected to go down another 8 cents next week.

Vernon sorry to say, I do not think 20,000 pounds a month would get the attention of anyone…Seems to me in a thread a while back someone said PH uses 4 million pounds a month…

I just pulled a figure from the top of my head,
We had a buying group that we would purchase product from when I was at Subways, this was a coop that we joined to get our pricing down.

I buy 900+ lbs. a week for my store and I do get attention. All of my distributors call me at the beginning of the week to let me know what their price is. I think a buying group is a good idea if we would all use a product that is similar. The logistics of it may be tough though.

1.89 this week and 1.81 next week.I believe january was the only other time this year that cheese went under 2 bucks a pound.
during xmas break cheese goes down even more,does anyone else stock up??I plan on buying as much as I can and then offering a nice special in january to start the year right.

does anyone else stock up on cheese for christmas break when it goes down in price??I have asked this question a couple of times and it either seems to be a big secret if anyone else is doing it or maybe my question is just being ignored??

Stocking up on cheese can work or not–depending on the age of the cheese at the warehouse. It can bite you hard if you buy too much and the date is too long.

this is true,thanks for pointing that out.I am only planing on buying maybe a months worth or so.

Benny, what cheese are you using? That’s an awfully, AWFULLY, good price. Since the market is still in the $1.50/1.60 range, most dealers will be in the $2.40ish range. Everyone has to make money, after COG and transportation and all the rest, so I’m really curious what you’re using, and from whom?

I’m still hearing $2.70 and more, in fact, for whole milk shredded mozz, more for mozz/prov blends.

I should have specified block price,not shredded.battaglia is who I buy it from.low moisture part skim mozz.

Where are you buying from? I’m not seeing prices above $2.50 right now for shredded from vendors right now. I can get block at around $2.15 from one source.

I’m not buying yet, but the local bigshops have given me 2.60-2.75 over the past couple weeks. It does seem high, but since I’m not buying I’m going to monitor the prices with every major market shift for the next month or so.

We paid 1.73 this week for LMPS block della vita brand next week looks like 1.69

1.7825 is what I paid this supplier will sometimes break a penny!! I need to pay more attention if it`s always when cheese goes down that they do that.going down 2 cents next week,or will it be 1.75?? :roll: :lol: