Cheese prices...

Cheese is rallying. The block market is trading at 2.00 and I don’t think we’ve seen these prices since 2008, or if we did it was only momentarily. The reports are that dairy prices will remain high through at least the first half of 2014.

Are you making any changes? Our business is UP, the economic reports are looking better, and I haven’t taken a wide-scale price increase in 5 years. Looks like the time is now.

We bumped our prices on nearly everything on our menu by a buck over the last year. I’m going to try to ride these prices out at least till the summer, but hopefully for all of 2014.

The block market hit $2.20 today. I believe that’s only a few cents away from the all-time high record. We’re definitely going to be making some changes around here, or our profits are going to evaporate very quickly.

Cheese is approaching an all time high even though there have been NO TRADES lately on the CME. There have only been two trades in the block market since december 13th. What a load of shite!
This isn’t a supply and demand issue. This is simply price manipulation on an thinly traded exchange.

But grab you ankles, there's more.  While we are paying all time high prices on cheese, Papa is advertising 30 cent pizzas, The hut is pushing 50% off online pizzas, and I cant remember what ridiculous deal the noyd is pushing.  And don't forget, our customers want to know why we don't have a $5 pizza pizza deal.

Happy new year to all.