cheese prices

what are you guys paying for shredded whole milk? also what is the rule of thumb for what to pay from when the market closes. ( block plus cents = price)

I am currently block +.15 (was .17) for Sorrento whole milk block.

are you locked in with your dist or with sorrento? and if you are how did you do that?

anything under .50 over block is a great deal! normally, according to a broker I’ve talked with, minimally it’s .04/# to ship, .20/# for shredding, about .08/# for packaging. That’s .32, and the wholesaler should be granted the right to make a little bit per #, so what’s .20 or so in the grand scheme of having a good relationship with the distributor?

Try to get a 3 month price lock with a distributor. Many won’t do it, there are some who will. It’s a risk for both sides, that the price won’t go too high (for the distributor) or too low (for the buyer) But, if the distributor works things right, THEY will have a lock on cost too.