Cheese Prices

[size=5]Did everyone notice that cheese prices have plumeted over 23 cents in three days! [/size]

I saw that, $1.93 barrel price today…it’s been ranging from $1.90 to $2.10 lately…like to see it break below $1.90…

BTW…I saw the game on TV there Saturday ! WOW !

must have been plenty busy…did you have a record day, or hour ?!?

How are those game days / busier before or after the game ?
I would think after, especially after thar game last Saturday !

go Gators from AZ !

It was a record day at $7200, but somewhat slower than expected. I think people started drinking too early so our late night wasn’t as busy as I would have expected. All three of the home games have been great for us with two of them hitting within the 5 best weeks we’ve ever had. The two busiest games are still to come, so another record day and record week should be in order.

talking to a few venders at the pizza shows they tell me to hold on, prices may start climbing again

I gotta imagine with school beginning that the demand on milk will be higher, and that will put stress on the cheese market.

My impression is that historically, this does put upward pressure on milk futures and cheese prices, but typically in late July, and into August. We should be past the pressures of school milk production and as temperatures cool and ice cream production fades I would imagine that prices should continue to decline. We’ll see how much Dairy Farmers of America can continue to manipulate the market with their monopoly as we get further into autumn.

Just 4 weeks ago we had a price increase from $96 per $20kg block to $106.65 per 20kg block, an 11% increase.

Today I got a letter from my supplier that the price is going up again next week to $134.75 per 20kg block, a whopping increase of $28.10 per 20kg block @ 26.34%.

We got a copy of a letter from the largest manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand to our supplier outlining the increase stating pressures of limited production, the world commodity pricing and the continued drought in Australia and a dry spell in New Zealand. They said that there would be ANOTHER price increase on 18th of October 2007. This will make 3 price increases in 2 months.

I have just put my new menu to print so any fat we had to see us over until the next menu has been absorbed in total. As we had a 9% average increase over the menu there is no way I can increase again.

My supplier has then added to this to say that flour is going up by about 25% in November.

Our only option is to reduce the amount of cheese per topping and make smaller bases to recover some of the costs, or add a price surcharge on top of our new price list.

Funny thing (not really) is that only 10% of the wheat grown in Australia is used on the local market and the rest exported and ony 50% of Dairy procduce. We have to pay the world price point.

Oh the joys of being a pizza operator :cry:


buy a buttload of cheese and freeze what you can’t use within a couple of weeks and let it thaw in the fridge as needed. Oh, I’m cheap, I should have mentioned that :).

13+ cent decrease today!!! Lowest price since May!!! Keep the momementum! I want to see $1.16 again!!..

(Sorry I get excited about food cost savings this big.)

hmmm…I need to talk to my chesse vendor, $2.30 per pound as of today. We’ll see what happens.

NO, don’t freeze the cheese, performs poorly later,
especially not now, block at 1.81 and barrell at 1.90…maybeb it will trend toward the lower end of the range, I think around 1.40ish.
I paid 2.66 last week from Shamrock for CAdice whole milk mozz called Trifoglio, there private label and their most expensive…it performs well so I am happy camper