cheese prices

Okay so I have been watching cheese drop like crazy the last 4 weeks at cheesereporter but our cheese continues to stay the same.

2.61 low moisture part skim block

I asked my US sales rep and he said no relief in sight for at least another 4-6 weeks??? Usually their is a little lag but has always been around 14 days.

Anyone using LMPS block?

What are you paying?

We are suppose to be 6% over cost…just not trusting them…


We bought LMPS block from US foods the week before last for 2.27 Sysco is now $2.18 so we swtiched back.

What state you located in?

Thanks for the info…


I really suggest that you open a relationship with another vendor. We like US foods and do most of our business with them, but I do not trust the company to give us good prices (rep yes, company no) unless they know we are shopping the prices every week.

Wow! $2.18 per pound!! What are you using for that price? I had to borrow a case on Friday from a friend using DFA…this is bottom of the barrell stuff and he was paying 2.29.

$3.04 for Grande WM mozzerella this week from Roma in AZ,


I’ve been in the same boat the past few weeks. The cheese prices have dropped 10 to 20 cents per week, but my price is dropping aroudn 5 to 10 cents per week. The distributor said that they are being charged surcharges above the block price by the manufacturer, so even though the block price is dropping, their cost hasn’t dropped the same.

It’s just tough to know when to believe and when not to sometimes.

We are paying $2.93 per pound for Grande Part Skim, diced.

I’m fortunate enough to have a price structure set up with my new vendor. I pay $.24 over the weekly average on block. I paid $1.89 this week, which was $.24 over the closing average of $1.65 last week. What’s wierd is it’s the same cheese we used to get from Battaglia but we were paying more than $.44 over block with them.

While cheese prices did get pretty high there for a bit, I have no doubt that there was some price abuse going on with alot of vendors…what surcharges could they possible be talking about? Then prices drop almost $.50 per pound on the market over two weeks or so and vendors only drop $.25? I think they are banking on us just being happy with a price drop…period.

Like I said, I am thrilled with the set amount over block…I saw prices climb eariler this week so I ordered a few extra cases this week (we pay that agreed amount thru thursday of the following week) to mitigate the price increases next week.