cheese prices

I am just curious what you all are paying for cheese now a days…and while we are at it flour.

Seems to me my rep is ripping me off. We have a cost plus 5% contract on all our food. But as I have watched the cheese market drop…my prices have never changed. Actually all my prices continue to rise. I think it is time to do some shopping. When asked about the price he says they order cheese every six weeks and that is why our price is the same and everyone else’s has dropped. (US foods)

We are currently paying

2.69 LMPS block
2.97 provel block

Our flour 50# 22.04

Our price from US food on cheese this week was $2.46. The week before it was $2.66. We did not buy from them though since Sysco was at $2.36.

Last week I paid $2.27 for LMWM (low moisture whole milk) block from Paparella (formerly Bari) and Roma (They were about the same.)

Flour (Bellisimo 25#) has stayed constant at $13.99/bg.

Seems to me my rep is ripping me off.


Here in New England Im seeing 2.45 lmwm and 2.46 lmps. Flour has started to level @23.30 for all trumps

2 Weeks ago we were at $2.61 shredded. Last week and this week we were at $2.46. Flour has been at $23.75 for 2 25# bags (Hi Gluten) for 2 months now, and last week it dropped to $23.

Flour yesterday was $22 and $23 from our two vendors.

More initeresting, after checking the internet and seeing cheese prices moving up for the last week or so, I called my vendors and asked what price they could give me on over 1,000 lbs of cheese for delivery this week. I bought 1600 lbs at $2.18 for delivery today.

If you have storage, you might consider buying cheese for the next 4-6 weeks if you can get some price leverage by doing so. Of course, if you only deal with one vendor, they may not be motivated to sharpen the pencil.

wow…speaking of floug…I got All Trumps for $20.65 today…it was over $23 last week…

grande mozz/prov $2.86

Grande WM Shredded 2.85/lb.

sorrento wm & ps 2.14

king wheat (GM) 25# 10.50

grande 50/50 @ $3.00/lb
bellisimo flour @ $25.83 for #50 both from bari/paparella

this week in atlanta…

I get the grande east coast blend Dice at $90 for a case $15 a 5lb bag
Price has gome up from $83 6 months ago from Bova near the philly area…