Cheese prices

Cheese prices are at the lowest level we’ve seen since May 1, 2007. That was about the time that the current “cheese crisis” started for us. Prices have fallen 30% since we peaked in May of 2008 (down about 70 cents per pound.)

If you’re not on a block-plus pricing system, make sure you’re staying in your distributor’s ear if you don’t see your cheese price dropping!

I’m still paying 2.15/lb for cheese. The lowest I’ve seen it since we opened was $2.08… I’m definitely going to have to inquire about this block plus pricing system.

:cry: The only direction my cheese prices are going to go are up thanks to the wonderful Canadian Government and the marketing board. :evil:

Ours went up and have stayed up.

We don’t have a cheese board like Canada, just greedy multi national manufactureers who put up prices but never lower them. :cry:


And it is not helping that you guys are in an epic drought, um, I mean “dryness”. Is that still on there or has the weather improved?

Ha, Ha. I see you are not allowed to use the dro*#ht word either :lol:

Things have improved in some areas but the prediction is still for some tough times. We had some good winter rains - right up to average or above - but the spring rains have been very sparse and summer is just around the corner and we don’t get much rain then.

None the less the greedy manufacturers will keep prices up anyway, especially with the current financial fiasco. Tey will cry poor mouth for another five years and bleed us to death.


Oh, no. We use the word all the time here in Texas. I referred to it cause I heard that on a show recently. :smiley: