Cheese processing

Looking into
Any advice on the one that is preferable
Cheese Hog. VS. Top Shedder
Wanting to know the endurance of these machines and if there’s a difference between them
They look great for speed in processing but the reliability of these machines on breakdowns and durability.

I’ve had the cheese hog at one location for about 6 years, then they went out of business. I purchased a top shredder for the other location. I can’t tell a difference between them. Adam from the top shredder company has been great to deal with.

i bought a used Cheese Hog about 10yrs ago and used it for 5yrs before switching to diced. I sold it to another guy that does heavy volume and its still going strong.

Does anybody dice their own cheese? I dont have the room for a VCM but heard that RobotCoupe might have a countertop model that can handle heavy volume. I was told that it would produce more of a sphere as opposed to a square shape. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I use a robot coupe cl50 to shred. They do having a dicing attachment but have not tested. The unit is dependable I just change blades every year or two. My oldest unit is 9 years and still going strong.

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I also have the CL52 that I use for all our veggies & meats for pizza toppings that we also use to shred cheese for some specialty pies we do. Not sure if I trust it for all our cheese volume though. What I was referring to was their VCM type mixers instead of a processor like the ones we have.

what meats do you process in the robot coupe?

we use it mostly for veggies but also slice meatballs with it now…we used to do sausage back in the day also

Talked to Adam from Top Shredder the other day , and was very helpful in answering all my concerns. My shop is small and only process12 blocks daily… We’ve shredded our cheese for years .and Adam assured me that they could get me , the same blade cut I’ve got from my old Bricker unit . Thanks for your help Steve!

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12 blocks, at 6lbs a block? You’ll be done with the cheese in 2 minutes tops.

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Clean up will take significantly longer

I don’t disagree. More time setting up and cleaning.

Not that it’s hard either, just speaking to how quickly the cheese will be able to be shredded.