Cheese quantity

Hi my name is Frank I have a café on a holiday park in Cornwall in the evening I do about 80 pizza plus other food items I use a 80/20% mozzarella cheese what sort of weight of cheese should I be putting on a 12 inch pizza. Many thanks

I use 6 ounces on a 12" pizza. I think thats about 170 grams.
Hope that helps.

We are also at about 6oz.

we are at 7 oz grande

I put 24oz on a 12 inch…

I lose money on every pizza but I make it up in volume!

actually I am 6 oz 12…8 oz 14" 11 oz 16" and 40 oz 30"


At your cheese prices, you shouldn’t be losing money! :lol: :lol:

I would just like to say thank you to everyone who replied to my cheese issue, it is the first time that I have used the think tank and the speed of the replies is amazing .Thanks all very much Frank

I wonder if you guys ever see any sort of trend of people asking for LESS cheese on a pie? At home, I put 6 oz on a 16" pie and think it is about perfect. I realize I am probably WAY on the low side for what the general public desires but could people possibly not want so much?

Furthermore, at $3.50/lb., a little bit of extra cheese changes the economics over the course of a month significantly. It seems like weighing the cheese would be worth the time but maybe not:?: :?: :?:

A. 6oz is a good bit on the low side of 16" pie portion, by the info I’ve read here. I am at about 10oz, and that even seemed to be on the lower side of what many are doing.

B. Portion your cheese or file bankruptcy . . . pick one :slight_smile: Here is a thread some folks had a while back about portioning cheese. Most any operator of any success level believes you MUST and least volume portion your cheese (use cups) or you will bleed money on every pizza. Even a 1/2 ounce variation can add up to huge money fast.