cheese question

I use romano on my sauce before adding my mozzarella,
then sprinkle parmesan as it comes out of the oven…
was considering using a blend of both for each application…
do not think my customers would detect a change because I cannot,

any answers pertaining to this appreciated, ie different cheeses, blends, etc


My personal preference is for neither–no romano & no parmesan. I am also uncertain of the logic behind adding either. To differentiate? To tinker? Sometimes you just have to close the box & sell it. I recall you use Grande Cheeses–you don’t need parmesan or romano. Always keep in mind that parm & romano have strong flavor profiles–that little bite behind the teeth.
Do you like it or do your customers like it? Neither pizza hut, papa johns, or dominos or donatos add either of these cheeses.
Is YOUR adding it going to differentiate you from them?
No, it won’t.

The real question is…why don’t they…

I am not using Grande cheese now, Shamrock Foods that I am not using do not carry Grande…using their best, most expensive anyway whole milk mozzarella from CA, and compared to Grande it needs a little “kick”, so I starting adding the romano, always put parmesan on as it comes out of the oven…one of my customers could tell the change to the “blander” cheese,

Interesting. I have only used Grande Cheese & will never switch. Purveyor decisions are based, for me, on Grande & Stanislaus products. I have in the past used one purveyor for these items & another for everything else.

Sorry to hear of your switch & your switch to California cheeses–no comparison to Wisconsin cheeses.

I would still reconsider the whole parm/romano thing. Its uncommon for a reason.

I dust my pies w/a blend of parm/basil/oreg & black pepper upon entry 2 the oven…people luv it…I use Saputo cheese…have used Grande b4 w/same dusting @ other places…folks comment on my sauce/cheese/crust quite often, so I reckon I’m doing something right