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I am looking to gauge the interests of the pizza industry to start producing high performance cheese shredders to help bring efficiency to their kitchen(s) and reduce labor costs on grating cheese.

In short, I would like to know if this style of equipment is still of interest to the masses. If so, my business partner and I (a machinist and an engineer) will be going through our first build and gaining ETL & NSF certification.

Let me know your honest thoughts. The cost and time to get into building these units is steep but we are eager to help the industry.

Thank you

Have you tried contacting the Palazzolo folks? They might sell you the rights for less than it would cost to reinvent the wheel.

I used one at a Rosatis location a couple years ago it was awesome! Definitely keep us posted !

We have used one for three years and are very pleased with it. The machine paid for itself in a short time based on either using pre-shredded or shredding with our mixer attachment. It has been very reliable and almost idiot-proof, depending on the level of idiot hired!

Would be very interested

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Any update to this? Thanks

I have two of them. One for my pizzeria and one for my wholesale kitchen. I could not imagine life without them.


I will get in touch. I would like one! 230v 50hertz electric (European)

The pelican head on a p660 is fine but we are at maximum capacity. Also interested in how to make massive amounts of sauce with less work.

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So, we have been using a Robot Coupe VCM but are considering purchasing one of these – the heavy HP floor unit to be exact. To those who have them, how do you feel about the floor vs tabletop unit?

I have a floor at one location and an older build countertop model. In our experience, the floor model is better due to the way the weight is distributed when pushing down on the cheese. With the countertop, it can lift up on the back, so it’s less stable than the floor model

Your countertop model might be old enough of a unit that is not balanced like the newer units. In some of the countertop models that use right angle gear drives, the bulk of the weight of the machine (motor and drive system) is in the middle and front of the machine. With the new machines made after 2014 and our machines we are making now, most of the weight is in the rear of the machine. This helps with stability (keeps the center of gravity in the rear of the machine) so that that lifting and tipping issue is resolved.

Case in point, both countertop models and floor models will have the same balance. I try to help out customers with this decision by offering this advice; make the decision based on mobility or stationary placement BUT if you really can decide, it can always be purchased later and added on. It is a fully stainless steel bolt on kit that can be added to any standard GS-1 machine.

Feel free to email me with more details on dimensions, cost and availability. We just received more materials from our local suppliers so this weekend we are assembling more units.

Thank you

Correct. Mine is a 2008 that we discussed via email. Looking forward to the videos of the automatic unit when completed!


Automatic?? What is the situation with that?

This the air driven automatic unit (as shown as a floor model with risers). It is used in conjunction with the 5 HP motor to achieve a 50+ pound per minute throughput. It does need an air source (small air compressor that can support 2 CFM) to run the air drive system.

Palazzolo GS-1 Commercial Cheese Grater/Shredder - YouTube this is the original automatic cheese hog. It’s towards the end of the video

Can confirm we bought one automatic unit and an automatic unit attachment for our palazollo cheese hog. They work great. Adam is very responsive. Shredding cheese in half the time now!

Steve, thank you for the feedback!


Hello all,
Just wanted to send an update that we are at near the final stage of our UL & NSF approval. UL has granted us our registered number for our equipment. The NSF portion is also registered as well. Once we make it through the last portion of the process, we will be officially listed in the public register.

Other than that, we are building and shipping machines weekly. If you are interested in going to next level in efficiency, we offer a GRATE solution to grating & shredding. Please contact us for any questions.

Thank you,

Hello, absolutely bring this unit back into production. I’m sure many people would be interested in purchasing this fine product.

Here is the line-up! Take your pick… manual counter top model, semi-auto with a floor model kit or a manual machine with a floor model kit! Let us know your needs. These machines are built to reduce labor and improve the consistency & qualify of the cheese.